Missions and Achievements

Broaden your engagement and rewards capability.

Customer-focused achievement tools help you make the most of your long-term customer relationships and, of course, the marketing data you have collected. Whether it is through tasks in series, in-play events or longer-term dynamic missions, taking your customers on a journey, giving them staged rewards and ramping up the level of challenge has a proven track record of success. Our mission and achievement tools encourage multiple positive interactions and, as result, increase levels of engagement.

Are customers fully exploring your digital estate?

It can be frustrating to see customers only briefly touch your brand. If you feel you are missing engagement opportunities, asking customers to unlock achievements over time increases the likelihood users will stick around. ZIQNI mission and achievement tools can help you move away from one-off transactions and short-term interactions towards more compelling gamification that brings increased engagement and greater rewards.

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Thinking outside the rewards box

We can help you widen your engagement and rewards capability beyond simple transactional monetary prize giving. We have countless proven methods of converting customer actions into compelling and engaging long-term gameplay. We can add multipliers and boosters, loyalty levels, score weighting and other rules quickly and easily. Our one-to-many achievement tools are the ideal way to create truly compelling customer experiences that keep users engaged.

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Effortless Implementation

Effortlessly create hourly, daily, weekly or monthly achievements for your customers to unlock. Let them enjoy a wide range of levels, loyalty rewards, multipliers and boosters, leagues and a range of other gameplay features designed to keep them engaged. ZINQI’s tools can support automatic fulfillment of cash prizes, bonuses, badges and morey meaning delivering winning customer experiences is a breeze.

What could you achieve?

According to industry research, gamified content typically attracts over 50% more active users than other digital marketing tools. What are you waiting for?