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Gamification tailored to the unique
needs of your brand.

Whatever brand sector you work in, embedding gamification into your customer journey can play a unique role in building user engagement and driving positive changes in your customer behaviour. Our team has a wealth of experience across a huge range of brands, products and services. Our clients use ZIQNI’s platform to keep customers entertained, engaged and loyal for longer. We have the data to prove it.


Whatever sport or gameplay suits your brand, ZIQNI’s platform creates engaging and responsible gamification mechanics to embed within your engagement strategy. Tournaments, leaderboards and missions can transform your consumer interactions across the whole customer journey from onboarding to ongoing loyalty programs.

  • Real-time experiences that extend beyond just gameplay
  • Feedback and updates on player actions, scores and statistics
  • High-performance leader boards, jackpots, rewards and rankings to keep users engaged
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Gamification is playing a key role in today’s insurance sector by building customer engagement and, at the same time, minimising risk-related behaviour through competitive gameplay. For example, the ZIQNI gamification API can add ranking and reward elements to careful driving, healthy eating, stopping smoking or drinking less alcohol.

  • High-quality policy-holder engagement tools that celebrate chosen behaviours
  • Real-time updates on player actions, statistics and risk profile
  • Rewards, rankings and jackpots that align with claim reduction strategies
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Positively influencing consumer behaviour is an increasingly important part of any responsible healthcare provider’s engagement strategy. ZIQNI’s easy-to-use gamification platform makes rewarding healthy lifestyle changes straightforward. From managing weight to stopping smoking, we can help your users overcome challenges, celebrate successes and feel closer to your brand.

  • High-quality experiences that extend beyond simple data analysis
  • Real-time updates on player actions and achievements
  • Rewards, rankings and jackpots to motivate users towards health improvements
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Effortless Implementation

We know, whatever market sector you work in, time and resources are no doubt being squeezed. That’s why we have worked hard to make delivering hourly, daily, weekly or monthly tournament activity, achievements and missions so straightforward for brands across many market sectors. You can publish true real-time updates on your website or apps through our platforms. Your customers will always know exactly where they stand in any gamified activity or tournament. All without you having to lift a finger. We can also instantly fulfil prizes, bonuses, badges and other rewards too.

What could you achieve?

A US financial services brand gamified the features and benefits of its offering and recorded an increase in conversion rate from 2% to 14%. Customer acquisition rates rose by a staggering 700%. What are you waiting for?