iGaming & eSports

Our easy-to-integrate Gaming, Casino & eSports tools deliver maximum engagement.

If you are in the iGaming, casino, sportsbook or eSports sector, gamification can play a unique role in building player engagement and improving acquisition, retention and conversion. It can support a wide range of promotions at every stage of your marketing pipeline from initial capture to ongoing loyalty programs. ZIQNI’s platform will encourage your customers to engage with challenges, undertake missions, unlock achievements and gain rewards in line with your customer goals and objectives. They are easy to implement and operate too.

How can games and eSports
improve your brand?

Whatever iGaming, eSports omnichannel products suit your brand, our tools make creating an engaging customer experience a breeze. From single to multi-step missions to hourly, daily, or weekly tournament play, we have solutions that are straightforward to implement. Real-time updates mean your customers will always have information at their fingertips. Winners can automatically, instantly, receive their prizes, bonuses or badges. It couldn’t be simpler.

Improving engagement and rewards allows customers to enjoy more than simple transactions. Our gamification solution can convert user, product and channel actions and behaviours into compelling and engaging ongoing experiences. ZIQNI’s easy-to-use Gamification API tools mean your whole customer base can enjoy this through a positive, fun one-to-one customer experience with a one-to-many setup. In this way, we help our partners who develop games, run iGaming and Esports brands grow engagement and realise its benefits.

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Effortlessly implement better experiences

Administering multi-round and knock-out tournaments or scheduled missions can initially look like a challenge but Ziqni’s range of solutions takes all that away. Our modular, plug-in-and-play architecture is easily replicated meaning we can quickly create any number of formats and customizations. We can deliver long-form league competitions, ‘Formula One’ style points based racing or quick play one-off leaderboards. Tell us your customer experience goals and we will help you create a highly engaging playable solution that fulfils them.

What could you achieve?

The European eSports market grew from 79 million active users in 2018 to 92 million in 2020. The sector’s worldwide revenue is forecast to reach 1.62 billion U.S. Dollars by 2024. What are you waiting for?