Our healthcare gamification tools improve customer health and wellbeing.

If you are in the healthcare sector, gamification and client engagement can play a unique role in driving positive lifestyle changes from your user populations. ​A gamified approach to sharing health and wellbeing messages has a proven track record of success across a wide range of interventions from controlling weight and increasing exercise levels to reducing alcohol intake and stopping smoking. Converting healthy actions and choices into rewards is a powerful tool in any self-improvement program.

How do games improve health
and wellbeing?

Gamification is an ideal tool for any brand looking to motivate user populations to undertake missions, unlock achievements and gain rewards. In terms of health, this approach has been used to help customers make positive steps around diet, exercise, mental health, diabetes control and medication adherence.

Improved engagement and rewards capability allows healthcare providers to actively engage with their customers’ lifestyle choices beyond everyday transactions. Gamification creates a digital connection that can convert healthy actions and choices into a range of rewards, prizes, and other benefits. ZIQINI’s easy-to-use Gamification API tools deliver a positive, motivational one-to-one customer experience with a one-to-many setup. In this way, we can optimise engagement, health and wellbeing.

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Effortlessly implement better experiences

ZIQNI works with healthcare brands and our modular, plug-in-and-play architecture means we can quickly create any number of formats that seamlessly integrate with your existing digital marketing efforts. We can deliver daily leaderboards, achievements and missions without needing any additional administration or technology resources from you. We can deliver a highly engaging solution that will have a direct impact on customer choices right out of the box.

What could you achieve?

In their latest research, Research Dive forecasts year-on-year growth of almost 12% for the medical gamification sector. The market is set to be worth 47.3 million US Dollars by 2026. What are you waiting for?