Our compelling Insurance gamification tools change customer behaviour.

If you are in the insurance sector, gamification can play a unique role in building customer engagement and driving changes in your user behaviour risk profile. Applications of gamification include reducing the risk of illness, rewarding safe driving, providing financial education, improving wealth management, home security changes, crime prevention and the avoidance of personal accidents. By rewarding positive change through points schemes, badgers, instant win rewards, and prizes, insurers are making the most of gamification technology.

How do games improve insurance

Gamification is an ideal tool for any brand looking to motivate user populations to undertake missions, unlock achievements and gain rewards to improve lifestyle factors related to their insurance. This approach supports a huge range of interventions from reduced health risks to improved home and personal security.

Improved engagement and rewards capability through gamification allows insurance providers to deliver more than simple transactions. Gamification creates a digital space where users can convert risk-reducing actions and behaviours into a range of rewards within compelling and engaging competitions. ZIQNI’s easy-to-use Gamification API tools mean your whole customer base can benefit from a positive, motivational one-to-one customer experience with a one-to-many setup. In this way, we optimise engagement and impact positively on your claims profile at the same time.

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Effortlessly implement better experiences

ZIQNI understands how much time and effort goes into finding and keeping customers. Our modular, plug-in-and-play architecture is easily replicated meaning we can quickly create any number of formats without needing additional administration or technology resources. We can deliver long-form league competitions, ‘Formula One’ style points based racing or quick play one-off leaderboards out of the box. Tell us your customer experience goals and we will deliver a highly engaging playable solution that fulfils them.

What could you achieve?

A US insurer applied gamification to its claim scheduling process and saved $20 million through efficiency gains. What are you waiting for?