Tournament server

All the infrastructure and integration you need out-of-the-box.

Delivering new customer-centred gamification offers needn’t be a drain on your time or resources. ZIQNI has developed optimised standalone competition server packages so you don’t have to invest in any of your own technology. Our open gamification API integration tools mean, however, our systems can still seamlessly share data and functionality. Whatsmore, it can all be set up in minutes so you can get on with running your business uninterrupted.

Are your IT resources squeezed?

Don’t panic. ZIQNI can provide all the infrastructure and integration you need out-of-the-box with minimal input required. We spend the time and effort creating optimised server packages for gameplay and tournaments so you don’t have to. Gamification open API integration means, despite being standalone, our systems can seamlessly share data and functionality between any number of customer interfaces and channels.

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Plug-in-and-play thanks to seamless integration

Our gameplay and tournaments are carefully designed to complement and work alongside existing marketing services. databases or other 3rd party systems which send or receive data. This includes most monitoring and analysis software meaning you can have real-time data in your marketing mix. We comply with data security regulations and apply best practice start-of-the-art encryption too.

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Customer-oriented digital gameplay needn’t be challenging to implement. Our standalone servers and fully integrated tools mean embedding gameplay, challenges, missions, tournaments, rewards and instant wins into your customer journey is incredibly straightforward. ZIQNI gamification API tools mean you don’t need to be an expert in technology to enjoy the benefits of digital gamification. We do the hard work, so you don’t have to.

What could you achieve?

After implementing gamification tools, one client saw new customer retention rates increase by 7% in the first month. What are you waiting for?